«Alkor Finance», Ltd is included into group of the companies «Alkor Bio» and has been founded in order to make investments into hi-tech projects in the field of biotechnologies. The basic sources of financing for such projects now are own funds of group of the companies. However we welcome involvement from individuals or organizations who are interested in profit from the hi-tech business.

Hopes of current century are not casually connected with high technologies. The mankind has reached the boundary behind which the decision of the problems of our civilization is impossible without development of already existing and creation of new technologies. And new technologies are impossible without investments.

We have already selected some projects now. It is possible to acquaint with them in section «The program of financing - The supported projects for financing». We will inform on our site on a course of realization of these projects. Nevertheless, we continue to search for interesting ideas in the field of biotechnologies. The information on conditions of funds provision is in section «The program of financing - Conditions of financing».

We also search for partners for realization of joint investments. All interested in such form of co-operation can find the information in section «The Information for investors».

About group of companies «Alkor Bio»

The group of companies «Alkor Bio» was founded in 2007 on the basis of the «Alkor Bio» company, Russian leader in production of diagnostic kits on the basis of immune-enzyme assay.

In 2002 «Trans-Technology» company has been allocated from «Alkor Bio» company. «Trans-Technology» company specializes in studying the biology of human stem cells. On the basis of received experimental data the experts of the company develop new methods of treatment of various diseases by using stem cells application. The company has 7 patents and the license of MINZDRAVSOTSRAZVITIJA on application of new cellular technologies. Also the bank of stem cells and umbilical cord blood is created. «Trans-Technology» company initiated 12 clinical protocols on studying an opportunity of application of stem cells in treatment of various diseases. The current studies are carried out together with leading medical institutes of St.-Petersburg.

«Alkor Bio Diagnostic Centers», Ltd renders the people from St.-Petersburg the services on laboratory diagnostics. Also «Alkor Bio Diagnostic Centers» is a base for clinical approbation of the diagnostic production made by «Alkor Bio Company», Ltd.

«Vega», Ltd has incorporated the research structure created inside «Alkor Bio» company. This organization includes a laboratory which is engaged in development of diagnostic kits, biochemical laboratory, laboratory of allergodiagnostic, hybrid laboratory.

«Gene», Ltd is engaged in absolutely new trend in medical diagnostics - development of diagnostic kits for definition of genetic predisposition to various diseases.

«Alkor Finance», Ltd renders financial and consulting services to the companies which are included into group of companies «Alkor Bio».